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The staff of the Kindergarten

Our staff
All educators have a specific qualification and have been selected taking into great consideration experience, professionalism and the ability to relate to the child with extreme simplicity and gentleness .... The kindergarten welcomes children from three months to three years, of course divided into different classes, and different environments. This subdivision allows us to dedicate ourselves to groups of children of homogeneous ages, and it is very important since each age group has different needs and teaching skills. We take this concept into great consideration also with respect to the choice of educators, in fact each person is placed in a specific class based on the experience developed with one of the three age groups. For each class there are two educators, and throughout the year the same people will always take care of your child, becoming reference figures for him and for you during this wonderful experience of growth and development.

The Psychologist
Miky House organizes periodic visits to the nursery school with the help of a Child Psychotherapist Psychologist, with whom we organize bimonthly meetings with parents to discuss various psycho-pedagodic issues (eg: parenting, how to remove the pacifier, fear of darkness ..) and thus help you where required to solve even small problems of daily management.

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