The kindergarten and the bilingual nursery

Roma Nord

Miky House aims to create an environment where affection, sweetness and attention to the well-being of each child are the basis of all the educational methods adopted. The aim we propose is to be able to recreate a family atmosphere, where the child, finding reassuring reference figures, is able to better enjoy the hours away from home. The cheerful and serene environment, the experience and professionalism of our educators, will be a valid support for the development and growth of your child who, thanks to the relationship with other children, will learn by playing and will be continuously stimulated in the development of his own. personality and their potential.Our method is based on the awareness that it is in the first three years of life that the foundations are formed that will support the individual in the difficult path of life, and our desire is therefore to be able to help and support families in the difficult task of making solid and secure the foundations on which the future of these little men will rest.

Bilingual nursery

Bilingual preschool

Via Cortina d'Ampezzo 379/385

Via della Mendola 133

Via della Mendola 288

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