"The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught, but that each child should be given the desire to learn"


Miky House 2 is a bilingual English-Italian kindergarten, located in a very bright structure surrounded by the greenery of the Park Area at via della Mendola 288. The children are divided by age groups, so we have three different sections :
Each section includes a maximum of 20 children and for the entire school time there are two teachers in the classroom: the Italian educator and the English-speaking mother educator. & nbsp;
The School is equipped with internal kitchen (subjected to haccp), with refined and complete menus. The kindergarten structure is spacious and bright, with a private outdoor area and gym for the exclusive use of the children of the Mickey House for sports activities included in the school timetable.

From the first day the child will come into contact with the English language in a natural way, the mother tongue educator will in fact use only English.
Throughout the school hours, the constant and combined presence of the Italian educator it will allow a gentle approach to the new linguistic reality. & nbsp;
Children carrying out normal didactic and play activities will become more and more familiar with the new language, and being particularly receptive and intuitive at this age, already after the first trimester they will understand the language perfectly, while continuing to care for and develop the Italian language.
Only later will the child begin to speak a new language, initially using simple sentences, until suddenly he is perfectly fluent in both languages.

La Scuola dell'Infanzia bilingue

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