"Childhood is the ground on which we will walk for a lifetime"

Lya Luft

Nursery is based on the idea that early childhood has strong developmental potential and that children must be considered as individuals with rights. Development, understood as learning and growth, can only take place through the relationship with others, in this sense, the nursery aims to help every child to grow up in a state of well-being, to acquire skills, knowledge, affective skills and relational ones useful for building a rich, original and harmonious life experience.

The children of our nursery are divided into three homogeneous sections, specifically:
- The small class is made up of children aged 3 to 12 months
- The middle class is made up of children aged 12 to 24 months
- The adult class is made up of children aged 24 to 36 months

The nursery school pays constant attention to the rhythms, times of the child's educational day, to his nutrition and personal care, to the structuring of dynamic, lucid and stimulating environments, to the educational interventions that support his personal and global growth.

is the constant and daily presence of an English mother tongue educator will lead your child to learn the English language over time with simplicity and naturalness.
By carrying out normal didactic and playful activities, children will become more and more familiar with the new language, and as this is particularly receptive and intuitive at an age, they will already understand the language perfectly after the first trimester, continuing to develop and learn the Italian language.

Did you know that ...
Children who learn a second language have more imagination, work better with abstract concepts, and are more flexible in thinking. They are more sensitive and have a better ear for listening.

Il Nido bilingue

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